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The Foundation Engineers Network is a website designed for homeowners who are looking for a professional engineer that will guide them through the process of foundation repair.

Every foundation repair job should start with the hiring of a foundation engineer, whether a structural, civil, geotechnical or professional engineer. Hiring an engineer, who specializes in foundations. By investing in his services you will be assured that you will get a professional assessment before you contract for home foundation repair work. Not only will you have the confidence that your home will be fixed correctly, but many times you will actually spend less when you use a foundation engineer's recommended contractor.

The design and construction of functional, cost-effective structural solutions require a thorough understanding of local soil, rock and groundwater conditions, this should not be taken lightly. Professional foundation engineers provide a wide range of services to support all phases of foundation repair projects. From preliminary design and analysis through the completion of the repairs, only a foundation engineer can provide the expertise for long term performance of deep foundations.

Our Members can:
Evaluate structural and foundation problems
Analyze water and drainage problems
Manage foundation repair projects
Provide expert witness testimony
Refer professional foundation repair contractors
Give you peace of mind
Guy wire anchor design

Why an Engineer?
Permit inspectors check only a few items on and around your foundation. The items that they might miss could be critical to the long-term stability of your home. For many of us, our homes are still the biggest investments we ever make. Purchasing, selling, remodeling or refinancing your home is BIG business. Foundation engineers provide specialized inspections and assessments to assure you get what you pay the foundation repair contractor to provide.

Stability Analysis
Whether you are repairing your home or doing a complete remodel, the foundation is the cornerstone of your home. A foundation engineer will look out for your interests during all structural work on your home. They will assess and evaluate the extent of the damage and recommend procedures to solve the issues. Many times your foundation engineer will have a list of recommended foundation repair contractors in your area to aide in your search for a local foundation expert.

Engineering Consulting
Experience is everything for a foundation engineer, and experience is what sets Foundation Engineers Network engineers apart from the others. You can be assured of proven ability to deliver reliable, realistic solutions for your foundation problem. Every project has its own parameters: location, size, scope, performance criteria and technical needs. Together they define a project's engineering and design challenges. Together you and the engineer you hire will solve your foundation repair needs.

Engineering, like medicine, is a diverse profession. An understanding of subsurface conditions is an art best left to local foundation engineers. Engineers, with first hand knowledge of local soils, are the only people bound by law to make binding judgments on your homes structural condition. Hire a professional engineer today to be assured your home sits on a competent foundation tomorrow.
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